About Us

Β About Us

We started CrystallineME in 2018 in the UK but moved to Bulgaria in 2020 due to Covid-19 where ourΒ mainΒ office is for now.Β We turn your favorite photo into a transparent Crystalline, which is stored in a necklace of your choice. We make each order by hand.Β Our London office launch is TBA in early 2022.

Our mission

Our mission is to drive a change in the industry and more precisely the collective belief that in order to please a loved one, your gift must be expensive, golden, or behind the name of a world-famous brand. The dark truth is that these products are sold at huge markups.

We, and we think that you too, remember and appreciate the good moments and new experiences with our loved ones more than what brand of clothes we wear, or whether we have bought / received a premium item.

Help us by shopping from small businesses that value their team and do not put big mark-ups on their products.

- The CrystallineME Team



PS: We are actually our own customers and we proudly wear our necklaces because we believe in our motto "1 picture = 1000 words". Thank you for being one of the visitors of our online store!

1 picture = 1000 words.Β Give Meaning - Get style.

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